Nothing makes me more excited than working with killer brands to try, brag, and promote their products. Just a quick note, I only work with brands and products that I believe in and that I have researched. Here’s another goodie!


What is Detox Organics?

Great question! First off, this product is organic, plant-based, and super healthy. It’s also delicious and reminds me of a cold hot chocolate. Yum! Each scoop is loaded with vegetables, fruits, herbs, and plants, designed to detox and cleanse your body. Think wheat grass, alfalfa, barley, peppermint and more. Good stuff! Spinach, kale, broccoli and more provides you with energy and ingredients such as carrots, beets, ginger root, and lemon support digestive health. It’s a great way to focus more on healthy consumption and living a healthy lifestyle. While your body is designed to detox on its own, Detox Organics helps replace otherwise unhealthy choices you might have made, say a cookie or slice of pizza, while providing you with extra benefits.

Who should try Detox Organics?

Detox Organics is good for anyone since it is all-natural and organic. It’s perfect for individuals with cramps, bloating, IBS, or low energy since the ingredients provide support for these issues. Typically you should aim for 1-2 scoops per day. I did mine in the morning by replacing my morning coffee with a scoop of Detox shaken with 8 ounces of original almond milk. Again, it tasted like cold hot chocolate so I was happy.

What was my experience and results?


When you get your Detox (samples or tub), you get a guide and a pamphlet that shows you an idea of a meal plan that is very simple. Basically you begin your day with the Detox before going about your morning and later sipping on some green tea. Each meal then consists of a protein, fat, and carb (as meals should), with a snack of yogurt, berries, and almond milk. Dinner is also varied macro-nutrients with an evening snack of dark chocolate or berries and nuts. Simple!

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My first day was great. Usually I have black coffee first thing, then later mid-morning I sip on green tea. Lunch is a mix of protein, greens, sometimes carbs and an afternoon snack is usually a yogurt. My dinner is typically protein, carbs, and lots of veggies before a dessert of fruit or yogurt. As you can see, my typical meal plan wasn’t much different than the suggested meal plan by Detox. They’re keeping it real.

One thing I noticed right off was my energy level. I don’t think coffee gives me energy anymore. I can drink coffee and go to bed (immunity?). But after drinking Detox in the morning, I felt great! Literally, all through the morning I felt good.

Unfortunately, day 2 didn’t go that well. I was stressed. Very stressed due to other things. My diet took a left instead and I ended up eating very-bad-for-you food. Look, Detox can give you the tools but you have to put in the work.

Day 3 was also really great. I felt lighter, energized, my stomach wasn’t bloating (and my stomach always bloats). I was happy with how Detox kept me feeling. My diet was on point as well so win-win right there!

Now I didn’t do this to lose weight. I did this to see how I would feel. But, look at Day 1 & Day 2 and even though on Day 2 I ate foods that would typically make me bloated, I look less bloated than when I first started


The lights a bit bright on Day 2’s photo but you can see my lower stomach, which is normally almost always bloated from the day’s meals, is a little less puffy. Plus, like I said, I felt so much more energized. Even by the end of the day when I went into my workouts, I felt like I was working out harder.

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Whether you are looking to feel better, look better, or lose weight, I recommend Detox Organics Daily Superfoods. They even have a 21-day Training Program and Metabolic Reset if you are trying to lose weight.

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