When you begin your weight loss journey or you hear about healthy living, you can safely assume that this means drinking plenty of water and laying off the sugary, carbonated beverages. While this is true, there are still some other drinks you can indulge in that fit into a healthy lifestyle and proper diet. Read below for some healthy drink ideas.

Delicious, Healthy Drink Ideas

  • Coffee with Coconut Oil

    coffee-with-coconut-oil-healthy-drink-ideaNext time, instead of pouring cream into your coffee (hot or cold), try mixing it with some coconut oil. If it is a cold coffee, be sure to melt the oil first. If you have a blender, try blending it into the coffee that way, to get a nice frothy top.

  • Green Tea with Lemon

    green-tea-with-lemon-healthy-drink-ideaGreen tea and lemon are both very good for you. Next time you want something comforting and soothing, make a cup of hot, green tea with a lemon wedge. There is no need for sugar and honey in this smooth drink.

  • Fruit Infused Water

    fruit-infused-water-healthy-drink-ideaWater can be naturally infused with anything: berries, lemons, limes, even cucumbers. If you are just really looking for that hint of flavor, try slicing up some fruit and dropping it in! They even have bottles designed specifically for this.

  • Protein Shake

    caramel-popcorn-marshmallow-protein-shake-healthy-drink-ideaYou can get very creative with these, while also supplying your body with lots of protein to rebuild muscle! Keep them plain by adding water to your favorite flavor, or jazz them up. Just be careful, a healthy protein shake can quickly become an unhealthy concoction if you get too creative.

  • All-Natural Smoothies

    all-natural-fruit-smoothie-healthy-drink-ideasOne of my favorite things in the world is to mix some yogurt, my favorite fruit, and ice in a blender to make a delicious, healthy smoothie. Filled with vitamins, these babies are a great way to get in your fruits (and veggies), and give you some flavor to sip on for a while.

  • Hot Almond Milk with Melted Dark Chocolate

    chocolate-milk-healthy-drink-ideaYou can do this hot or cold. If you do it could, might I suggest using cacao powder and adding just a smidge at a time to be sure it mixes thoroughly. If you’re doing it hot, find the darkest chocolate bar you can, break some up and warm it to get it melted before mixing it in with your almond milk. Mmmm, delicious!


What’s your favorite “healthy” drink? Share with us in the comments below.


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