I appreciate the opportunity to learn about a new brand and try their products. Chrissy`s socks was kind enough to send me about 5 pairs of knee-high and thigh-high socks, in order to try and review for you guys!

From men, kids, and even custom socks, Chrissy`s socks has everything you could ever imagine. Let’s take a look.

Chrissy`s Socks – Knee-High and Thigh-High


Chrissy`s Socks

Chrissy`s SocksChrissy`s sent me a variety of colors. I feel that I can wear them with an oversized sweater for a sexier feel.

Chrissy`s SocksOr with my activewear for a sportier vibe. I love working out in them actually.

Chrissy`s Socks


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