Easter came and went so fast, I wasn’t able to try this recipe, blog about it and have it up before Easter, so I am posting it now. It’s okay though, even though this recipe was tuned for the Easter holiday, it is versatile enough to use for any occasion. If you end up making this for another occasion, simply replace the mini cadbury eggs with another candy, Reese’s pieces, skittles, or even cookies if that’s what you’re craving. It’s okay to get creative.
Above is everything I used to make these. Pretty simple, right? Let me tell you though, that Sweet & Salty Kettlecorn from Boom ChickA Pop really brought these to the level they were. Everybody enjoyed them and I would bet money that they would be completely different with another type of popcorn, so I am suggesting you get this one.
Word to the wise: I used a cup of broken graham crackers, but I would suggest 1 1/5 – 2 cups. My husband even asked me at one point if the bars had graham crackers because he had not found them yet and I think he had 3 bars at this point. 🙂 Noted for future reference.
My dog LOVES marshmallows! These are the regular size ones, not the large, not the minis, just normal marshmallows. You could go a little less on the marshmallows because my bars were very gooey and sticky, but that made them even better!
I am such a fan of this popcorn now, it is delicious! It almost tastes like the caramel corn, but it has that salt to counterbalance it. It was perfect!
And viola! My finished product!You can see how gooey they are and I was quite pleased. I have to say, mixing them was kind of a pain because they are so gooey, but it was completely worth it.

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