This is the last Roundup of 2018! How crazy is that? I have read so many great books this year and cannot wait to see what all comes out in 2019. I have a goal of 50 books this year. Can I do it though?!

Okay, before partying it up for 2019, check out these books I’ve read this month. Do any strike your fancy?

**WARNING: I tried not to give anything away but there could be slight spoilers**

Book RoundUp – December 2018

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Grim Lovelies by Megan Shephard

grim-lovelies-fantasy-young-adult-book-roundup-2018This is a crazy little book. It offers a lot in way of imagination and definitely brings in new concepts and creatures beyond a typical Fae, witch, and the like. I am concerned that the main characters are just so naive (not their fault) that I feel like I am reading about a child at times. This I do not like and I am not confident that I will continue this series. At least not just yet.

Short Review: Missing a little something.

Iron Knight by Julie Kagawairon-knight-iron-fey-fantasy-fiction-book

Ya’ll know I am still following the Iron Fey series (and STILL am). This time though, we leave Meghan to follow Ash. What fun! Things definitely take a turn in this book. Think of this as a sort of finale, although the Iron Fey series does continue.

Short Review: Great finisher.

Angelfall by Susan Ee

angelfall-young-adult-fantasy-fiction-angel-bookI’m in love with angels I swear. Definitely not your typical apocalyptic series as Angels have kind of taken over in this series and no one seems to know how or why. Weird. But there are more creatures than the angels that the human world needs to fear. Craziest of all, our main character just might be feeling a little something something for an Angel and I’m pretty sure that’s against every single rule written and not.

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Short Review:  Beautiful and suspenseful.

Traitor’s Kiss by Erin Beaty

the-traitors-kissThis wasn’t super exciting for me but it was sort of like a puzzle, therefore, it did hold my attention. People are just not who they seem in this book so read carefully. I liked the romance in this, but I am concerned the series might fall flat. I’m asking the question “Where else can it go?”

Short Review: Concerned.

Clockwork Angel by Cassandra Clare

clockwork-angelUmm…I don’t know where to start to be honest. Okay, first off there are a ton of characters so please, do keep up. Because I almost didn’t. There are also a lot species. We have angels, demons, vampires, humans, warlocks, all sorts of things! Again, it’s a lot.

The story itself kind of dragged out. Like move it along already please. It just was not holding my attention. I don’t feel as if the suspense really built, although their are some surprises.

The romance was – what romance? Nearly nonexistent. Maybe it hypes up in the next book but it left me totally confused in this book. I have read the second books holds a lot of answers, but that it too is mighty slow. Short attention span over here people! You have to, have to, throw in something (anything) to keep me reading. Ugh.

Short Review: Get to the point!

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