Welcome to our Book Review February 2019 . I apologize, this has been a small month. Obviously, there is one book that took a large amount of my time, but I am not ashamed of that. Now if you’re following me on Goodreads you can keep up with what I am reading or if you follow my Instagram, I will post on there as well. Also, keep reading to the end to hear about my first Scribbler Box Experience!

**WARNING: I tried not to give anything away but there could be slight spoilers**

Book Review February 2019

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Book Review

Crooked Kingdom (Six of Crows Dualogy) by Leigh Bardugo


It’s no real surprise here, I am a sucker for Leigh Bardugo and I swear my last four or so books have been hers! Needless to say, this book was the epitome of incredible. Truthfully, she is my inspiration currently. Between her and Sarah J. Maas, I think they are what motivated me to currently write my own book.

This book is the second to Six of Crows and the story just increasingly gets better and better. You see yourself forming relationships with each character, all unique in their own ways. Their hurts become yours as well do their successes. But do not fear you guys, the Grishaverse isn’t at an end just yet.

Short Review: Inspiring.

King of Scars (Nikolai Dualogy) by Leigh Bardugo

 So Grishaverse continues. No lie guys, it took me 2-3 weeks to read this book. There is a multitude of reasons, one being that I didn’t want this story to end. Be aware that there is quite a bit of building that is going on. That isn’t a bad thing, I just think it needs to be acknowledged.

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King of Scars intertwines the characters from the Shadow and Bone Trilogy and Six of Crows Dualogy. We will see a few returning characters and miss a few as well. My favorite, Nikolai, is more or less the star here though. Last we saw him he was battling an internal darkness leftover by the Darkling. Yup, he’s still in that battle with that nasty little thing! But that isn’t the only problem our young king and other Grisha (and non-Grisha) favorites have to face.

Short Review: A true adventure.

Scribbler Subscription Box Review: Created by Writers for Writers


Like, my in-laws are the best! For my birthday this past January, they ordered me the February Scribbler Box. Scribbler is a monthly subscription box created by writers for writers. It is filled with helpful information for new authors and even book-lovers in general.

The February box consisted of a new book, bookmark, sticker, salted caramel chocolate bar, an inside look at the publishing process, a 300 writing prompt journal, a guide on writing a suspense novel, and an invitation to speak with a publisher and editor live. WOW! As a new author, this is all extremely helpful information. While as a reader, I am super excited about the book. Now, as a fantasy author, I wished this was the fantasy-themed box, but I saw they did one like that not so long ago. Overall, I am very excited about this and will continue to ask for this as a gift. πŸ™‚ 

Short Review:  Filled with information!

What I am Currently Reading

The Night Olivia Fell by Christina McDonald


This is the book that I received in my Scribbler box (mentioned above). I just started it but thought it would be nice to share really quickly what I am currently reading. This is a suspense novel and I am barely past page 30 with a ton of questions already! Typically suspense novels are not a genre I would pick for myself, so the fact that Scribbler included this genre offers me a broader variety to read. It’s kind of nice coming off of fantasy for a moment. I believe this is a newer author, which is exciting to me as an aspiring author. I hope she’s super good so that I might rave about her and maybe one day she will return the favor. πŸ™‚

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Short Review: Lots of questions already!


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