January 7, 2019 10:07a.m.


I would like to do something a little bit new and offer an advice column for you guys. You’re all so awesome, but I bet there are tons of questions you have regarding fitness, health, and nutrition that you don’t know how to get answered. I want to make myself available to you for this.

Introducing: my Q&A column for LLL  and if you have any questions for me, you can tweet them to @ladslatsandlift with the hashtag #askFaith, post a comment on my Facebook page, or email them to LadiesLattesandLifting@gmail.com. I will also take them via my Instagram Inbox.


You can tell me to leave you anonymous if that is what you would like and I promise to do so. In the meantime, send me your questions about building muscle, healthy sex, losing weight, or whatever your little heart desires. I’m listening! I will respond on the advice column within a week of receipt.

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