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About a week ago, this great brand reached out to me to try their new line of  products, Arctic Zero Light Ice Cream. Of course I said ‘yes’ and anxiously awaited for my dry-ice-packed box to arrive with a pint of all seven flavors inside. You know I immediately began photographing the product and, of course, taste-testing each flavor to share my thoughts with you guys.

Arctic Zero Light Ice Cream

When I began my fitness and health journey years ago, I looked everywhere for healthier versions of my favorite foods, including ice cream! I found this brand called Arctic Zero, who had a line of lactose-free products, made with whey protein, water, and natural flavors such as sea salt and monk fruit. I had them here and there, they had some good flavors, but because of their being lactose-free, it was hard to get the same feel as regular, creamy (fattening HAHA) ice cream. I still go back there every once and awhile but now, they have fulfilled my needs. 🙂

Introducing, Arctic Zero Light Ice Cream made milk, cream, and cane sugar. They are only 280-360 calories per pint and made with CLEAN ingredients. You get good things such as protein, fiber, and natural sugars without the sugar alcohols or complicated ingredients like similar brands.

Arctic Zero Light Ice Cream

Currently, there are seven different (and yummy) flavors available:

  • Cookies & Cream
  • Chocolate Chunk
  • Vanilla Bean (My Favorite)
  • Cookie & Brownie Dough
  • Peanut Butter & Chocolate Cookies (My 2nd Favorite)
  • Mint & Chocolate Cookies (Hubby’s Favorite)
  • Toffee Crunch (Both of Our Least Favorite)
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The Light Ice Cream is creamy, soft, and sweet without being overly sweet, which artificial sugars can tend to be. Okay so now, [tweetshare tweet=”do you wanna see them with their tops off? ;)” username=”Zga##P^u7e!0Z%PcLzihH)CK!M)&8eEw:1:1″] Of course you do!

Arctic Zero Light Ice Cream
Arctic Zero Light Ice Cream Cookies & Cream
Arctic Zero Light Ice Cream
Arctic Zero Light Ice Cream Chocolate Chunk
Arctic Zero Light Ice Cream
Arctic Zero Light Ice Cream Vanilla Bean

The vanilla bean is my absolute favorite because it is so light but feels so rich and creamy. Although it doesn’t have any gooey goodness or crunchy bites, it has the most delicious flavor.

Arctic Zero Light Ice Cream
Arctic Zero Light Ice Cream Cookie and Brownie Dough
Arctic Zero Light Ice Cream
Arctic Zero Light Ice Cream Peanut Butter

This one is my second favorite because I am a peanut butter addict (it’s a thing!). It has a delicious peanut butter flavor with crunchy bits of cookies inside. Yum!

Arctic Zero Light Ice Cream
Arctic Zero Light Ice Cream Mint and Chocolate Cookies

My husband loves this Mint and Chocolate cookies, he’s always been big on this flavor in anything and gorges himself on thin mint cookies (ssh!). He ate all of this in one sitting and all I got was my taste-test. 🙂

Arctic Zero Light Ice Cream
Arctic Zero Light Ice Cream Toffee Crunch

Okay, so both of our least favorite is the Toffee Crunch. Honestly, I think you are either a toffee person and love everything toffee, or you just don’t and it’s that simple. That’s kind of how this was. It wasn’t awful it’s just like I tasted it and thought “Hmm, toffee” and set it back down. I didn’t react in a “UGHH, YUCK” sort of way.


I have new loves in my life with this ice cream and am happy to report that they won’t break my health goals. Arctic Zero also offers some delicious recipes on their website, like these Nutella Fudge Bites. Subscribe to their email list and receive news and blog posts straight to your inbox. To find a retailer near you, enter your city or zip code and pickup some Arctic Zero Light Ice Cream to enjoy over the weekend. <3

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What flavor do you want to try?


Love Ya’ll A Latte,


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