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Ladies, Lattes, and Lifting is a blog dedicated to everything health, fitness, fashion, lifestyle and digital marketing related! A passion for a healthy and balanced lifestyle that has evolved into robust online community!

We are now offering Ad Space in two different sizes and placements in order to suit your budget. Both side bar ads and premium ads are available. Ads are available on a month to month basis or 3 & 6 month blocks. If you wish to subscribe to an ongoing campaign, please contact me directly for more rate information.

1 Month – $35

3 Months – $90

6 Months – $150

1 Month – $70

3 Months – $165

6 Months – $290

Premium Spot Ad

These ads are located in the middle of each individual post. 

1 Month – $100

3 Months – $250

6 Months – $425

Add Ons

These are promotional Tweets and can be placed within each individual post as a TweetBox or an Inline Tweet.

1 Month – $30

3 Months – $70

6 Months – $125

To get started, give me a shout.

Please include the ad size, term, a jpeg ad and link to your website.

All payments are accepted via Paypal only.