Shoutout to Montiel for partnering with me and welcoming me to the #MontielActivewear family! They sent me an array of amazing products and I am super excited to share these with you. Keep reading below.

Activewear Review – Montiel Brands

I found Montiel one day while skimming through Instagram. Sometimes I just like to search for activewear and see if there are any new brands I need to be aware of. I scrolled through their page and quickly found that I really liked their stuff which led me to check out their website. From there, the relationship just kind of began. It was like love at first sight and everything fell into place. It couldn’t get much better than that! Or so I thought. That was until I received my items, tried them on, and then – worked out in them.

My ladies will understand, finding activewear that meets our criteria is hard. It has to be cute, fit well, make us feel good, and stay in place. Whew, talk about standards. But, Montiel succeeded and has passed my test! Not only are the clothes flattering, but they do not move. I jump a lot, I do yoga, run, lift weights, box, I do all sorts of stuff. The most annoying and unflattering thing to happen is when I have to keep yanking my pants back up. Embarrassing! Montiel’s leggings and capris stay in place. Like I said, it’s love you guys.

What about their bras? They are cute aren’t they? I tried four sports bras, the Kennedy, 2 Teardrop bras, and the Halter. All of which were flattering and comfortable (Even for my small boobs) and held up well during my jumping. They kept my ta-tas exactly where they needed to be and stay! Bonus points: They are so pretty!

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What makes Montiel Activewear Different?

Granted, there are so many activewear brands out there and the industry is over-saturated. So how do you know what to look for in a quality brand?

Montiel takes the time to locate quality manufacturers and works with them one-on-one to ensure the highest quality products. Quality that I could feel and see in the products that I received. They are very hands on and their focus is on selling the best not the most.

In general when searching for quality activewear you want to look for

  • Support (for both your booty & boobs)
  • Material (something that is comfortable)
  • Multi-purpose (can you wear it outside of the gym?)
  • Sustainability (does it hold up?)
  • How it makes you feel

Checkout Montiel for Yourself!

If you’re interested in seeing what else Montiel has to offer, view their website and Instagram page. Also, follow their hashtag on Instagram to see what other people think!

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