Hello Beauties,

Founder and Editor: Faith Ellis

Ladies, Lattes, and Lifting is online health and fitness blog and growing community, designed to offer uplifting and motivating support to those on a health and wellness journey. There is so much contradicting information out there, this is a place to lay that to rest and get the facts, along with fun recipes, and cool new product reviews.

Who is Ladies, Lattes, and Lifting?

My name is Faith Ellis, I am a wife, fur-mom, Social Media Specialist, Content Writer, fitness enthusiast, and the queen of working out at home. I design many of my own workouts and love finding new ways to challenge my body and delicious, healthy ways to eat, and then sharing all of that with you guys.
I was lost when I first started my fitness and weightloss journey. All of the information was conflicting, what to eat to lose weight, what exercises to do, which supplements to take, it was too much in fact, that I developed an eating disorder throughout my journey and am now in recovery.
I want to prevent this from happening to other people by presenting them with factual, helpful resources, and being a resource that you can connect with personally, by being available through social media and email.
Join me on this journey to a healthy, full, and joyous life.



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