If you want to make your health and fitness regime a lifestyle, rather than a quick fix, you need to make sure you’re keeping up the momentum. Keeping up momentum can be tough sometimes, as we all have good and bad days – however, it’s totally possible if you use the tips and tricks outlined in this quick guide. Take a look and you should find that you feel motivated for far longer!

health and fitness regime guide

Track Your Progress In Numerous Ways

Tracking your progress is an absolute must. It’s all too easy to lose motivation if you’re not consistently looking at how far you’ve come. Here’s how you should be tracking your progress:

  • Strength – if you use weights, write down the weights you’re using week on week.
  • Speed – if you sprint or use any elliptical, write down your stats. You can also pay attention to your heart rate and BPM if you use a monitor or tracker.
  • How your clothes fit – do they feel better?
  • How you look in the mirror – is your physique changing? Take progress pictures at the same time of day, same pose, same lighting, same clothes, each week. This is the most accurate way to see for yourself.
  • Inches – for fat loss, you should be losing inches. For muscle gain, you should be gaining inches.


You can use weight to track, but this should be in no way the most important metric that you use. It can only give a slight indication of what direction you’re going in over time. The scales may go up one week, but your inches may come down. This is why using weight alone is completely unreliable.

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Keep Things Interesting

Using the same plan for a while can be a great way to track things like strength and form, but you’ll need to keep things interesting too. Change up your plan, even if it’s just your cardio routine. Your weights routine can be changed every 4 weeks if you get bored easily, every 8-12 if you don’t. Try different classes too, such as pilates classes to work on things like flexibility and breathing.


Treat Yourself

Treating yourself with food is ok occasionally, but it can be an unhealthy habit to get into. Don’t deprive yourself of something you fancy during the week, or you may end up bingeing later on. When it comes to treating yourself, how about a great pair of headphones, a fitness tracker, or a new top or pair of leggings? They can be just as motivating!


Work With Your Cycle

Working with your menstrual cycle can make the biggest difference to your progress. During the third week of your cycle you won’t feel as strong or motivated, so it can be a good idea to take it easy and have a de-load week!


Create Fresh Playlists

Fresh playlists will stop you from getting bored, so have a couple that you can rotate.


Make Yourself Accountable

Get a partner or a coach so you can stay accountable. When you have someone to check in with, you’re more likely to stick to your routine.Don’t forget, breaks are important too. Having at least one full rest day per week will help you to recover and ready to go again!

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