There are a multitude of ideas of what will and will not happen when you begin your weight loss journey. Let’s get clear about a few things that won’t happen.

8 Things That Won’t Happen In Weight Loss

  1. Areas Will Do Exactly What You Want.

    Um, no, sorry. You still won’t be able to spot reduce. Just like you can’t gain fat in areas you want (Boobs Please!), you can’t lose weight in areas you want either. It’s okay though, once you’ve lost overall body fat, we can work on toning specific areas to build muscle and definition.

  2. You Will Feel 100% Confident 100% of the Time.

    Wrong-O! Ladies (and fellas) I hate to say it, sure you’ll feel more confident, but no one…NO ONE….feels completely confident all the time. You will still find flaws in yourself and your body, and you will still have doubts. Believe me when I tell you, you are beautiful. But, speaking from experience, you won’t always see that in yourself.

  3. Once You Lose the Weight, You Can Do What You Want.

    Okay, um, you can. But, if you go back to your old eating habits, it will all come back. The weight, the bad feelings. This is why it is a lifestyle change. It has to be a permanent change. It must be an everyday effort to make better, healthier choices.

  4. The Struggle Fades.

    Nope, it’s still there! #thestruggleisreal Just because you lost weight does not mean that this will be easy. The whole point is that it is hard to change you, make you stronger, and progress you!

  5. You’ll Realize That Your Body Can’t.

    Wrong again, you’ll realize that your body can. You thought you’d never be able to do a push up, but now, you can do 10! IN A ROW! You thought you would never be able to run a mile, but try 3 miles. Yes, your are killing it. You had no idea you could be this strong! Your body is a machine.

  6. You Will Lose Weight Over Night.

    Just like you can’t gain over night, you can’t lose overnight. It is a process, and sometimes, a very long one. But don’t you give up on yourself! Hang in there because you will get there, it’s just going to take a little while.

  7. You Can Keep Wearing the Same Clothes.

    Maybe, at first. For a little while. Sooner or later though, the belt will run out of holes and your progress will be hidden by some very unflattering baggy clothes. Treat yourself to a new wardrobe! I recommend starting here since an entire wardrobe can get expensive!

  8.  Everyone Will Be Thrilled with Your Progress.

    People might be happy and excited for you to your face, but not everyone is really happy with where you’ve come. People get envious and you have probably blown off a few friends and nights out to better stick to your program. Just focus on you, do what you have to to get where you need to be.



Is there anything you have found that you have found throughout your weight loss journey?


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