The truth is, you cannot target belly fat. But you can tone to get a smaller waist to show through once that fat is burned. The best way to burn fat and lose weight is for an all-around solid fitness plan that includes cardio and lifting heavy weights. That being said, keep reading to find out how you can get a smaller waist under that layer of fat in the meantime

5 Ways to Get a Smaller Waist

A small waist is ideal for many women and even men. It is part of the often-craved hourglass figure that every sex icon seems to withhold. Some are born with it, others of us have to work hard to achieve it.

Lose Fat

Overall fat loss is going to need to be your first focus because if there is fat covering your waist, you won’t be able to see of the hard work anyways. In order to achieve body fat loss you will need to focus on a healthy diet high in vegetables, proteins, health carbs and healthy fats, engage in a high-intensity cardio circuit at least three times a week, and lift heavy weights two or three times a week.

Work it

Again, you won’t be able to see your weight if you have extra body fat and there is where you tend to carry the weight at. That being said, you can definitely focus on toning an area to define it more. Just like any muscle, the more time you spend on your waist, the more your muscles will grow and change.

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First, let’s understand the muscles of your abs and which ones you will need to focus on. Your abdominal region consists of your 1) rectus abdominis, 2) external obliques, 3) internal obliques, and the transverse abdominis. I, also, like to work the latissimus dorsi because I feel that working this back muscle ties in and helps act as a whole corset when all of the muscles are worked together. Your will be pleased to know that the workout below will hit every single one of the muscles mentioned above.

Focus on Your Upper and Lower Body

Have you ever heard about people working on the “V shape”? That is when your upper body is broader and tapers down, slimming at your waist. If you build up your arms, shoulders, and back, it gives your wast a smaller appearance. For the ladies, do not forget to build your booty too because c’mon, no one likes a flat butt.

Drink Green Tea

This is not a “magical” fix, but regularly drinking drink tea can assist in weight loss, plus, it is full of antioxidants. The tea leaves contains substances, including caffeine and EGCG, which can both aid in boosting metabolism, resulting in burning more body fat. These two substances help to break down fat cells and move them through the bloodstream where the body dissolves or eliminates them. How much would you have to drink in order to lose weight? At least 5-6 cups daily.

Say “No” to Sugar

It’s no surprise, but just in case you forgot, yes sugar leads to weight gain when it is consumed regularly. The fructose spikes insulin which can cause energy to be sent to fat cells and stored. This doesn’t mean that you will not taste cake again, but you need to learn to do so in moderation.

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Mini Workout


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