When it comes to putting on muscle for women, things can get confusing. I mean, most ladies don’t want to getĀ bigĀ but they do want to add some curves and definition, right? How can we do this? I have 5 tips below to help you put on muscle and define your body!

5 Tips for Muscle Growth

  1. Lift Heavy

    First things first, you need to up your weight. You will not get larger, more defined muscles if you lift light and always lift the same. Progress slowly, but work your way up to more challenging weight. You want to feel defeated after 8 repetitions.

  2. Rest and Recover

    When a muscle is worked, it breaks down and tears. You absolutely must rest and recover from this. After working a part (for instance, leg day), rest that part of the body for 24-48 hours to allow the muscle to repair. If you don’t do this, it can be dangerous and slow your progress.

  3. Ease Up On Cardio

    Cardio eats muscle. It will burn up all of your progress for energy. You do not have to eliminate it altogether, but I would say limit your cardio work to one, maximum 2, day(s) per week. Be sure not to do cardio on the same day you are lifting if you are serious about growing your muscles.

  4. Eat Right and Often

    Food is fuel and helps nourish muscles which, in turn, helps them grow. If you are really looking to grow your muscles, eat small snacks every 1-2 hours. Although you are eating often, keep them small and healthy. Things like protein shakes, rice cakes with natural peanut butter, and baked chicken are a great place to start. Keep your meals smaller but properly balanced with protein, a healthy fat, a healthy carb, and lots of veggies!

  5. Stay Hydrated

    Just like usual, be sure you are hydrating your body by getting plenty of water. Drink during workouts, before and after meals, first thing in the morning and before bed at night. Remember, water is to our bodies what oil is to a car.

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