If you’ve started this year by making some solemn promises to yourself with regards to your health and / or appearance, you already know the importance of consistency. It’s consistency that will see you smash your goals long after your peers have given up. Consistency will ensure that you achieve long-lasting and sustainable results while those looking for a quick fix will see impressive results that are doomed not to last longer than a couple of weeks. And it’s consistency that ensures that day by day, week by week you sculpt the perfect body you’ve always dreamed of.


We all know the importance of a healthy diet and plenty of cardiovascular exercise in burning body fat, but for many ladies out there, it’s not enough to simply burn fat. To fundamentally change your shape, we have compiled some ways in which you can do it. Again, you’ll find no quick fixes here, just realistic and workable solutions that will pay off for you if you keep at them…

Waist training corsets

If you want to trim down your waist, bring back your curves and enhance your femininity, a waist training corset can allow you to do this.  Waist trainers have been fashionable for over a century and remain a great way to reduce your waist size and even correct your posture. By altering the placement of fat and water stores in your body they can lead you slowly and incrementally to the kind of tiny waist you’ve always dreamed of. Check out Corset HQ for more information. Combined with proper diet and regular exercise the waist training corset can help to propel you down the path to a tiny waist.

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Strength training

If you’re serious about changing your shape, yet your time at the gym is spent solely on cardio, it may be time to step off the treadmill and embrace the weight room. The weight room can be an intimidating place for a woman. They tend to be occupied predominantly by men who we fear will either:

  1. Sneer mockingly at our technique
  2. Chime in with sage and unsolicited advice
  3. Option a briefly followed by option b.

Nonetheless, whatever your body goals for 2019 all women should strength train. Strength training allows you to change the size and shape of your muscles to give you a different silhouette while also helping you to grow in confidence. Feeling strong simply makes you act strong. Strengthening the muscles around your joints can also help you to improve your posture which in turn will help you to change your shape.

Try yoga

Maybe the idea of hitting the weights doesn’t appeal to you, yet you yearn to change your body shape you may find that yoga can unlock the path to the body you’ve always wanted. Yoga can help to stretch, shape and tone muscles while its emphasis on controlled breathing can help to get more oxygen to the skin giving it that elusive youthful glow we all dream of.

When you’re serious about changing your shape, the good news is that you don’t need to starve yourself (or go under the knife) to do it!

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