If you love nothing more than venturing to the gym for a cheeky half an hour on the cross trainer, to experience the world of spin or to tone up your abs, you’ll know how devastating it can be when an injury thwarts your plans to get fit. A sprained ankle here, a back twinge there or a muscle strain can put the brakes on your gym routine. While you could mope about at home comfort eating while you wait for your injury to subside, there are other strategies that you could employ to help you recover from injuries more quickly.

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If your injury is particularly painful and your movement is severely restricted, there will always be the temptation to push through the pain. Don’t do this. You could be making your injury worse. For hip and ankle injuries, consider looking into the option to rent home medical equipment like a cane or crutches. Rather than rely on your ability to hop, the correct tool to help you shift your weight to make your movements more stable can help you recover from your injuries much faster. Consider shifting your pillows around in bed and alter your sleeping position. By giving your injury the right support, you can recover more quickly. Follow your doctor’s orders and keep your sling on, rest up in bed and don’t overdo it. Your frustration shouldn’t be the reason that your injury is lingering.


Eating Well

While you might be feeling sorry for yourself and the temptation to open up the Ben and Jerry’s is all too great, don’t succumb. You will end up feeling low and irritable if you undo all of the hard work you have already accomplished at the gym. Don’t allow your period of immobility to be an excuse for putting on a few extra pounds. Instead, keep eating well with plenty of fruit and vegetables in your diet. Steer clear of the refined carbs and banish the sugary snacks. Eating well naturally lifts your mood, and the right balance of vitamins and minerals can help aid your recovery. When you do eventually hit the gym, you want to be in the same shape as you were before your injury so you can hit the ground running.

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While it can be tricky to get mobile, a gentle stroll can help muscle recovery. If your doctor tells you to rest up, make sure you heed their advice but when the time comes to get mobile again, make sure you start slowly. Don’t venture back to the gym for a 5k run just because it’s been three weeks since your ankle sprain. Be sensible and listen to your body. Build up your muscle mass and strength with gentle exercises. Make sure you stretch before your workout and afterward to recondition your body. An injury on top of an injury will compound your inability to hit the gym.


Being a gym bunny means you adore keeping fit, working up a sweat and seeing your body in tip-top condition. Injuries happen, even to the healthiest among us. Don’t be a martyr and head back to the gym too soon. Follow this guide and ensure that you return to the gym fully fit in the fastest time possible.




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