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We all want to get fit and get in shape. We all secretly have a dream about having the perfect body or the ideal figure. This is either going to be related to personal feelings of self-worth, a desire to be more attractive or potentially a commitment to healthy living. Regardless of what the reason is, getting in shape can be something of a struggle. You might have a few hurdles before you’re happy with who is staring back at you when you look in the mirror. Unfortunately, when you take this journey, there are things that can go wrong. This can mean that your fight for fitness will have little to no effect or could even cause disastrous consequences. Let’s look at the signs that your fitness routine is not working for you.

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Don’t Just Sup It Up

You might have found the joy of using supplements. Supplements are products made of natural materials that you can take and will provide you with a boost. This could be a boost in energy, a boost in weight loss or a boost in cognition. There are various supplements on the market that you can consider using. However, you do need to be careful. First supplements are not supposed to be used without exercise or as a replacement for a change in diet. Second, supplements do not necessarily mean safe. They can cause complications, and if you do notice any unexplained medical issues, it’s best to speak to a doctor and take your supplement bottles with you. Taking supplements can cause weird side effects, particularly if you’re relying on them too much.

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You Can Gain Without Pain

You’ve probably heard that rather catchy phrase, ‘no pain, no gain.’ This is quite a useful mantra and if you say it over and over again either out loud or in your head, you might find you can run further and lift heavier weights. However, be careful here too. You should not wake up in pain the day after intense exercise. You should also be able to lift your arms easily, and you should feel stronger than before, not weaker. If you do notice that you are feeling drained or in pain after exercise, it’s likely that you’re pushing things too far too fast. This can ultimately lead to chronic pain which could require surgery. According to, medical malpractice lawsuits are often a result of a surgery gone wrong to fix an issue with pain. You don’t want to be in this situation as it will bring your fight for fitness to a grinding halt.


You’re Piling On The Pounds

It’s possible you’re cutting. If that’s the case, you expect weight gain before you trim the fat and turn it into muscle. However, if you’re not looking to build up your mass and instead want to lose weight, this suggests a serious problem with your exercise plan or diet. You might be yo-yo dieting where you eat more one day and less the next, causing your body to not change at all or at least, very little. You could also find you’re completing the wrong type of exercise. It’s worth speaking to a trainer about an issue like this or perhaps check out a site like

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We hope this helps you tackle some of the signs that your fitness plans are indeed going wrong.


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